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Beauty Tips and Tricks Used by Geishas

The most popular topic in beauty is anti-odour. A few centuries ago, the geishas resorted to persimmons to combat the smelly scent of their body. Today, the same fruit is used in skin care products, but few people know about it. It’s a great way to keep your skin smelling fresh and looking healthy. However, there are some beauty tips and tricks that geishas use to achieve the perfect complexion.

For smooth skin, the geishas used a combination of sea salt and whipped cream. While these two ingredients aren’t entirely natural, they do make great skincare ingredients. The geishas would first wash their faces with boiled rice water, which helps skin retain water and have a smooth texture. The rice bran is a common skincare staple for geishas, as it contains oleic acid. It is very compatible with the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

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In addition to rice water, geishas would cleanse their skin with boiled rice water. This water has high levels of salt, which helps to hydrate the skin and smooth it. Moreover, the water has a detoxifying effect, reducing the appearance of acne. In addition to this, the geishas used the oil of the tsubaki flower. It has oleic acid and is compatible with the skin. Its benefits make it a very useful skincare product, and is widely available in drugstores and food markets.

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