Does Apple Approve Apps on Weekends?

Does Apple approve apps on weekends? The answer to that question depends on your app’s status and when you plan to submit it. For the most accurate information, it’s best to add a couple of days to the current review status on the App Store. While 99% of all app updates are reviewed within a week, the number decreases dramatically if the queue is particularly large. If your app is still in the review process, be prepared to deal with potential customer issues if they arise.

The approval process for apps on the App Store has changed over the years. Before, the process used to take weeks before the app was approved. As a result, the company simplified its processes and some apps were processed within a few days. In December 2009, Apple began providing developers with detailed feedback on their apps. However, the approval process for some apps remains somewhat opaque, so the answer to the question “does Apple approve applications on the weekend?” remains elusive.

Final Opinion

When did Apple start reviewing apps? In the beginning, there was no way to know whether your app would be approved. But that has changed. At the end of 2009, Apple decided to streamline its process and many apps were processed within days. Then, in December, the App Store began providing developers with detailed feedback on the review process. As a result, the approval process has become a lot quicker, and it’s more efficient than ever.

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