Make Money As an Apple Watch App Developer

As a developer, you may be wondering how you can make money by developing apps for the new Apple Watch. This new wearable device is one of the most anticipated in the tech industry, and the Apple Watch has a lot of potential to be a moneymaker. The small screen of the AppleWatch is a great place to display advertisements and in-app purchases. In addition to advertising, you can create your own apps, if you have the expertise and time to do so.

Apple has opened the door for developers, allowing them to develop apps for the iWatch through its extension WatchKit. Because the Apple Watch’s interface is different than the iPhone, developers can easily develop apps for the watch and publish them in the Apple App Store. However, the iWatch has a limited screen size, so it’s not feasible to develop stand-alone iWatch apps.

In Conclusion

As a developer, you can make money by developing apps that run on the Apple Watch. But keep in mind that the device isn’t likely to reach the sales levels of the iPhone or iPad, and that you can only create iWatch apps if you’ve already developed a successful app for the iPhone. This means that you can only develop apps that are already popular in the Apple iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

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