Should Apple and Android Apps Be Built Separately?

In the age of mobility, mobile apps have become vital for big business houses as well as for individuals with great ideas. The choice of platform to build your app is important and with the recent rise of start-ups and the economy, this question has gained importance. With the emergence of iOS and Android, Windows and Blackberry are largely out of the picture. The only real decision is between the two platforms, which is an extremely specialized field.

Compared to Android apps, iOS applications are easier to build and maintain. The architecture of iOS apps is also easier to manage and less error-prone. This makes them much easier to develop. Unlike Android, which is prone to device fragmentation, iOS apps have more control over their quality and can be easily redesigned. This means that the user experience will be far superior to an app created for an Android platform.

Last Line

Developers can choose to use the Android SDK and the default IDE, Eclipse. But for future development, Android Studio is recommended. This free software includes ADB, which allows you to make changes to the device when plugged in. However, it is important to note that Google has a huge advantage over Apple in some markets due to the higher income of iOS devices. The iPhone is the most popular smartphone and is preferred by the majority of people.

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