What Cars Have Their Engines in the Back?

If you’re wondering what cars have their engines in the back, you’re not alone. There are many different styles and varieties, and you can easily find a car with a rear engine. Nolan Sykes, the host of the WheelHouse automotive video series, discusses some of the best choices for your driving needs. In addition to the above-mentioned models, you may also want to check out the MR2 Turbo and Lotus Elise.

While most cars have their engines in the front, there are some that have their engines in the middle. A car with a Ferrari engine is considered a rear-engined car, because the big V12 puts the weight over the rear tyres. The Honda S2000 is another vehicle that has an engine in the middle, driving only the rear wheels. Lastly, the Porsche 911 is a rear-engined car.

Final Thought

Rear-engined cars are rare, but still available. The Porsche 911 and the Ford Mustang are the most popular examples of rear-engined cars. Other rear-engined cars include the Smart ForTwo and ForFour, Renault Twingo, the Tesla Model S, and the Tata Nano. However, they are not practical for daily use, and front-wheel drive is usually the least disruptive to cabin space.

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