What Does MHEV Mean in Automotive Industry?

A MHEV is a hybrid electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery that is located between the engine and the transmission. The car uses an electric motor to assist with acceleration. It will also shut off the ICE when it stops. In 2006, Honda introduced the Civic Hybrid, a vehicle that could run on pure electricity. However, it couldn’t run on purely electrical power.

MHEVs are a type of petrol-powered vehicle that adds a small electric motor to the vehicle’s internal combustion engine to help it accelerate. Although this type of vehicle is not 100% electric, it is more efficient than a typical ICE vehicle. It’s considered a safe middle ground between electric and petrol-powered vehicles. A hybrid vehicle is a hybrid because it has both an electric motor and a combustion engine, and is more environmentally friendly than a standard ICE.

Final Touch

A MHEV is the most common type of hybrid car. They have an electric motor in the front, which aids acceleration. Some MHEVs also have regenerative braking technology. This technology transfers kinetic energy from a slowing vehicle back to the electric motor. Unlike fully electric vehicles, these vehicles do not run on electricity, so they can only travel short distances. Instead, they rely on a battery to drive themselves, which is self-charging.

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