What is the Difference Between a Passenger Vehicle and a Truck?

There are many differences between a car and a passenger vehicle. The former is a multi-purpose vehicle designed to transport a small number of people while the latter is a commercial vehicle designed to carry a large number of people. A passenger car is similar to a truck in appearance but differs in its use. It can carry seven or more passengers, while a truck may carry more than ten.

A passenger vehicle is a machine used to carry one or more people. There are many different types of passenger vehicles. A motor car is a wheeled automobile with its own motor and engine. There are many popular brands of passenger cars in India, including Hyundai and Maruti. Various foreign companies have begun manufacturing passenger vehicles in India, including Honda, Hyundai, and Tata Motor. A sedan can seat two adults and a child.

Final Opinion

A passenger vehicle is a machine that is designed to transport one person or a small number of people. It can be a car or an SUV. Both are wheeled vehicles that can carry passengers. The difference between these two types is their capacity to carry people. A car is used for personal purposes; a passenger van is used for business. It is usually more fuel-efficient than a truck.

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