What is the Extension of an App on iOS?

What is the extension of an application on iOS? An extension is a set of components that an app uses to provide additional functionality. These components are bundled with an app’s binary and are delivered via the App Store. When a user downloads an application, he or she is given the option to install one or more extensions to the app. If a user installs several extensions to the same file, the result is that the app’s functionality is duplicated.

Extensions are useful in extending the functionality of an app. These extensions give users easy access to content and data they need, such as social networks. Nativescript has released beta support for share extensions in iOS 5.3, and has helped developers launch share extensions enabled apps into production. You can learn more about the different types of extensions on iOS by following the links below. Once you have an idea of the features of an extension, you can write it and test it.

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Another type of extension is the Today extension, also known as a widget. This lets users quickly access information and perform quick tasks. Action extensions allow users to customize action buttons and view content from the host app. Photo editing extensions allow you to edit photos in the Photos app. Document Provider extensions allow other apps to access documents in the user’s computer. Finally, Custom Keyboards replace the system keyboard.

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